company structure

OROMIA STEEL PIPE MILL PLC (OSPM) is located in OROMIA Regional Government, Finfinnee area Special Zone, at Salulta area about 15 kilometers apart from the centre of FINFINNEE (Addis Ababa).  Our plant is an ultra-modern facility with more than 29,000 m2 under roof and with a storage area of 71,000 m2.

The total investment capital is estimated to be more than Birr 410,000,000.00 (four hundred ten million), from which about birr 150,000,000.00 (one hundred fifty million) allocated for factory premises (facilities) while birr 260,000,000.00 (Two hundred Sixty million) for purchase of factory machinery & equipment that has been made in state of the art equipment.  Excluding the factory facilities, the total cost that is fully invested is birr 260,000,000.00 (two hundred sixty million) is contributed from Joint ventured Partners made on December 2007 among two government development enterprises namely Oromia Water Works Construction Enterprise who is a major shareholder & its share contribution accounts for Br.140,000,000.00 (one hundred forty million), Oromia Forest & Wildlife Enterprise its share contribution accounts for Br.60,000,000.00 (sixty million) and Foreign Investor called Golden Trade Company LTD. its share contribution accounts for Br.60,000,000.00 (sixty million).

Oromia Steel Pipe Mil PLC (OSPM PLC) which is the only factory in the country that is engaged in production of longitudinal, spiral steel pipe and screen casings of various diameters ranging from 88.9mm (3 inches) to 630 mm (24 inch) with a maximum length of 4 meter to 12 meters and wall thickness 2.5mm to 10.0mm.