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Pipes and related water supply PRODUCTS

Our people disserves clean water!

raw materials

  • the raw materials well be arranged according to orders we have, and are selected by their grade, width, thickness and their weight.
  • the quality control team do inspections for each coil by calibrated measurements tools (width, thickness, visual inspections for coil edges).
  • the raw material coils will goes to two directions .
  • the first one will goes to the spiral line and the second one to the ERW line.
  • both have their own production steps.

slitting line

  • A semi-finished steel product obtained by rolling ingots on a rolling mill or processed through a continuous caster and cut into various lengths. The slab has a rectangular cross section and is used as a starting material in the production process of flat products, i.e. hot rolled coils.

1. spiral pipe line

  • the spiral line receives coils direct from main store as it is or from slitting line store.
  • pipes from 10” (273.1mm) up to 24” (609.6mm) from 7mm thickness up to 10 mm thickness are produced here.


–  ERW line receives from slitting line store
–  each process will be controlled by our quality control team, using calibrated measurement tools
–  in this process 3” (88.8mm),  4” (114.3mm),  6” (168.3mm) and 8”  (219.1mm) from 3.5mm up to 7mm thick pipes are produced

quality inspection area

end face

hydrostatic test

pipes End Grooving area


external sand blast

external coating

internal sand blast

internal coating